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Services Provided by Kratos Digital Limited

Kratos Digital Limited is a Hong Kong based mobile App development house. Our core services include:

  1. -App Development for iOS & Android

  2. -MFi, Bluetooth & WiFi App Development

  3. -App beginner Workshop & Consulting for Companies

  4. -Cost effective / Ad-hoc website solutions and web hosting with unlimited bandwidth

Most companies & manufacturers are keen on incorporating and utilizing Mobile Apps to grow their businesses ahead of competitors.  But the Mobile App industry is not always clear enough for businesses from different domains to take a confident first step.

Kratos Digital will provide clear pictures to our customers or through our Beginner Workshop about, e.g., how to get your company prepared (if ever necessary) for incorporating Mobile Apps? How dose the latest App approval regulations work? What are the correct expectations from Mobile Apps with respect to your our business or projects? How to minimize necessary and unnecessary risks before investing on Mobile Apps? What are possible alternatives for cost or reliability concerns? etc.

Like business website, while it is essential, without understanding the practical value of a website to a particular business or project, most SMCs were misled to invest in very sophisticated web management systems which always results in unjustifiable initial and long term overheads / running costs.

Core Competencies

The founders of Kratos Digital Limited are the creators behind few iOS Apps that achieved remarkable international success.

With our proven experience in the mobile app market, our clients can seamlessly begin to explore the Mobile App world and get:

- Cost Effective & Reliable Solutions

- A Clear Picture of the Latest Mobile App Industry

- Professional Advice on Mobile User Experience

At Kratos Digital Limited, we don’t blindly persuade our clients into unnecessary premium solutions like some others do. Instead, we strive to derive cost effective and reliable Mobile App solutions for our partners & clients. 

The App publishing process is constantly evolving. It is not uncommon to hear stories about untimely or even unsuccessful App launches. We can provide clear and up-to-date picture of the latest App publishing mechanism and advices to minimize unnecessary App publishing risks.

With our experience in internationally successful Apps, we share with our clients what constitute good mobile app user experience for different cases too.

Core Services

  1. -App Development for iOS & Android

  1. -MFi, Bluetooth & WiFi App Development

  1. -App beginner Workshop & Consulting for Companies

  1. -Cost effective / Ad-hoc website solutions and web hosting with unlimited bandwidth

  1. -Mobile HTML 5