About Us

The founders of Kratos Digital Limited are the creators behind few iOS Apps that achieved remarkable international success.

Kratos Digital Limited is experienced in various mobile app solutions on the iOS and Android platforms. Our Mobile App portfolio now ranges from in-house Apps to customized App for enterprises and even individuals through collaboration with our partners.  

Android Apps

Personalized App Services

Business Solutions


Core Services

  1. -App Development for iOS & Android

  1. -MFi, Bluetooth & WiFi App Development

  1. -App beginner Workshop & Consulting for Companies


iOS Apps

Kratos Digital Limited breaks boundaries, even together with our partners...

... just like our iOS App Create Aurora that “brings” Aurora Borealis right on the Hong Kong city sky in Asia Pacific through your iPhone camera - as shown here in this picture.

Kratos Digital Limited

Core Competencies

With our proven experience in the mobile app market, our clients can seamlessly begin to enter the Mobile App world and utilize Mobile App platforms in different ways to grow their businesses.

- Cost Effective & Reliable Solutions

At Kratos Digital Limited, we don’t blindly persuade our clients into unnecessary premium solutions. Instead, we strive to derive cost effective and reliable Mobile App solutions for our partners & clients. 

- Clearing the Fog

The App publishing process is constantly evolving. It is not uncommon to hear stories about untimely or even unsuccessful App launches. We can provide clear and up-to-date picture of the latest App publishing mechanism and advices to minimize unnecessary App publishing risks.

- Mobile User Experience

With our experience in internationally successful Apps, we share with our clients what constitute good mobile app user experience for different cases.