We believe that by enabling the health technology industry to accelerate smart device development & lowering the barrier between human-technology interaction, the world ageing population will significantly enjoy improved quality of healthy lives. 


Kratos Digital Limited

Practical Innovative Solutions

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The Turnkey Solution to Rapid Development of

IoT & Smart Devices

The turnkey BLE development module developed by the Company has already helped our clients speed up the prototype development of various health technology products/projects including IoT hydration monitoring cup, exoskeleton robotic arm, breast pump, etc. 

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The New & Lightweight Approach to Improve Human-Technology Interaction

Voice control is an inevitable approach for technology to adapt to human lives. It’s the way we can communicate with technology without seeing, without touching. The ageing population will largely benefit from voice control technology to improve quality of lives. We are developing a practical lightweight approach to speed up voice integration to smart devices.

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Viable R&D Innovations & Solutions

Our team members have strong R&D as well as industrial background. This laid the foundation of our competence in making innovative technologies commercially viable, and thus sets us apart from our competitors.

We have been the trusted mobile-connected solution house to innovators, renowned multi-national brands & businesses including the professional health & medical sector, as well as research centres, academic institutes etc.

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